Welcome to The Custom Square

If you are building a new site on Squarespace and you're reading this then that makes you a VERY lucky person.

We are quickly going to become your best friend when it comes to making your site epic!  And we are just starting out too. Our goal is to make customizing your site easy and highly impactful but also make it possible for designers, developers and even the daring "do-it-yourselfers" to venture into some more complex add-ons as well.  We accomplish this by taking complex enhancements and breaking them down into manageable pieces within our generators that allow you to set your styles and have your changes work flawlessly within your site after a little copy and paste.  Also, we plan to share a great deal around tips, hacks and best practices that we have picked up along our journey.  

So, at this point you're wondering who the heck are these guys.  Well...

The Custom Square team is a collective of branding, web design and web development experts. We have been working with Squarespace ever since it's first release and have grown to love it more and more through it's many evolutions.  Although we love this platform, we also have found many things that we would like to enhance or even have the option of enhancing.  Forced to build it ourselves through many prestigious projects, we decided to package our breakthroughs and share the plugins with everyone else.  

We have enormous plans and a huge backlog of plugins that are currently in development as we speak.  

There is a lot more coming your way and you haven't seen anything yet.  So make sure and sign up for our newsletter and bookmark the site cause you are not going to want to miss what is on it's way!

That concludes our first post.  We just wanted to say "hi" and set the stage for what is to come.

Happy creating!!!

- The Custom Square Team


More amazing plugins are coming soon!