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Squarespace Navigation Plugin

Pushy Navigation

Meet the first ever plug-and-play navigation plugin built exclusively for Squarespace. Just like all Custom Square plugins, we put all the customizable power in your hands. You get options like right or left slide in animations, menu button tweaks, nav widths, colors, padding and more. And to make a great product even all hooks up to your site structure without any extra work from you.

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Witness the first-ever Squarespace navigation plugin

We absolutely love Squarespace but one thing that has always bothered us is the limit of navigational styles.  Due to that we have spent a great deal of time working to "crack the code" on creating new navigational styles that are packaged in a way that is easy for you to plug-and-play within your site.  The Pushy Navigation is our first attempt to make this area of Squarespace better.  There is a long backlog of navigational features we are working very hard to bring to you in 2018.  One of those is set to be released in the Spring of 2018 and it will be a doozy because it will offer something that no template in Squarespace has ever offered and that is...wait for it... didn't think we'd give away that secret, did you?  LOL.  If you'd like to hear the moment it comes out just sign up below for our newsletter and we will most certainly let you know and there might even be a nice little discount in there as well.